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Recent Projects

Bangalore City Mission - Bangalore, India

Located in a city of 11,000,000 in central India, they have 200 children in their private school that serves an untouchable caste. These children begin work in quarries at the tender age of 7 or 8 years old and most die from the filth and conditions in their 30’s and 40’s. This school provides the only way out of these deplorable conditions. The children’s fathers mostly turn to alcohol but the mothers have taken a strong stand to bring a way out of poverty to their offspring by getting them an education at this school.

The late D. K. Paul Raj and his wife Violet founded this school. Mrs. Raj, and son Jonathan, continues their services to the slums.  They also provide care and lodging to 16 orphans who live in their home.

In 2005 they have begun construction of a three-story Christian Service Center.  HRSI has been a major source of funding this inner-city outreach.

Gospel Revival Outreach Ministry - Bangalore, India
Rev. Victor Paul’s ministry is remarkable indeed. They provide care for 62 orphan children and have an inner-city slum school (K-12) for 750 children. Their church has provided these services out of meager funds and HRSI has been among very few other supporters.

This year they have purchased rural land outside the city to build a ministry complex. HRSI is funding a building, water well, and security fencing for this project along with regular ongoing support.

Port Moresby City Mission - Pau Pau, New Guinea
This capital city has 50% unemployment. Young men come to the city in search of jobs only to be disappointed and become a problem to the city. The founder/director Larry George has addressed these unique issues and met this need for the past 10 years. Daily over 200 young people are served. These clients are receiving housing, food, and education and job-skills training at the Mission. Recently they have acquired a plantation and will further develop job-skills and employment for scores of young men. There is a girl’s facility in operation in the city as well. Just two generations ago New Guinea was cannibalistic.

Reach Youth - Manila, Phillappines
Four thousand street children receive services in this most populous city in the country. Reach Youth provides a holistic outreach to street kids with food, love, and nurturing in the most basic of needs. The parents of the children also are trained in parenting and nurturing skills…all done in the name of Jesus.

Watch a video slideshow overview of this ministry on YouTube.com

Wordsower International - Liberia & Ghana, West Africa
HRSI is currently providing resources for land development, building construction and infrastructure. This complex will serve a large refugee population from Liberia’s civil war and from the Sierra Leone civil war. There are over 40,000 refugees stranded here and living on less than 30 acres of land. The conditions are deplorable with all but no water, electricity, or sanitation.

All are unemployed …people without a country. Three hundred widows, who have no support system whatever, and receive food regularly. Services are also provided to orphans, street kids, lepers and HIV/AIDS victims to name a few specific groups.

Other Ministries Overview
Also served are AIDS babies in Capetown, So. Africa, and an orphanage in Cameroon, West Africa. In Haiti 19 Christian schools provide education in the most deprived country in the western hemisphere. Here over 10,000 children are receiving an education. We also provide for services in South Dakota/northern Nebraska to the Native American people there. The Pine Ridge Indian Reservation is home to 35,000 people who are one of the most deprived people groups in North America.

Northern Mexico is served by Matthew 18:14 Institute, providing training to workers among the deprived children in the ghettos. This quality institute is now developing several community centers where services to the poor will be provided. In Nickoliav, Ukraine we partner with Pastor Slavik Kravchuk. His Good Messenger Mission is one of the only social service providers in this city of 500,000. Clothing and food distribution is accomplished with volunteers and job skills are taught and jobs provided to the poor of this major seaport on the Knepper River, gateway to the Black Sea.

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