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Welcome to HRSI
We are a non-profit organization that supports and trains outreaches working with the underserved worldwide.

"Caring for widows, orphans and poor around the world."

Our Focus

Overseas - Supporting 19 outreach locations around the world. These locations work with the underserved populations of homeless children, hungry children and adults, unemployed, drug addicted, prostitutes, and lepers, and exploited people.

North America - Providing leadership training for of newly established missions. This will help them to avoid pitfalls, and provide the management tools for successful operation.

Project Showcase

Group: Gospel Revival Outreach Ministry
Project: Ministry Complex Construction
Location: Bangalore, India

This remarkable ministry provides care for 62 orphan children and has an inner-city slum school (K-12) for 750 children. Their church has provided these services out of meager funds. HRSI has been among very few other supporters.

This year they have purchased rural land outside the city to build a ministry complex. HRSI is funding a building, water well, and security fencing for this project along with regular ongoing support.

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